"I met Erin about two years ago in her introductory Ableton class at Berklee, and since then I have taken several classes from her. I keep taking classes from Erin for several reasons, the obvious reason being that she is immensely gifted and knowledgeable in what she does. Erin can took me from someone who had no production experience at all, and turned me into someone with a comfortable grasp on the production experience and ignited a passion for a new way of creating in me that I didn’t even know existed. She has this ability to explain things until you really understand them, rather than just telling you how to do things. It is amazing how simple and achievable she makes learning new skills.

Along with taking classes from Erin, I have also had the pleasure of working with her on one of my songs. As a producer, Erin is top notch. She listens your vision, understands it, and takes it to the next level. She is an amazing producer, you are sure to walk away with an absolutely killer track that will make you sound like a Grade A pro. Also worth mentioning is her work ethic, which is unparalleled. The way Erin works is efficient, concise, and non-stop. With Erin as your producer you will never again have to send that email reading “Hey… it’s been a while, could you send me that mix from 4 sessions ago???”

 Although this technical skill and teaching style is what brought me to Erin’s door the first time, it was her genuine care and enthusiasm about her clients that kept me coming back. Over the time that I have known Erin, she has helped me gain confidence in my music and in my path as an artist. Erin has an amazing ability to really understand people and treats all of her clients as individuals, working with them to achieve their independent goals. She has been there every step of the way to offer advice and guidance when I needed it, and support and celebration when the hard work starts to pay off. I am grateful very often for my relationship with Erin, she has been a phenomenal teacher, mentor, role model, and friend.

I can’t recommend her enough."

Chloe Jane


"Erin is a gifted teacher and producer. In a short amount of time, she taught me how to use Ableton live, Ableton push, and various hardware and software. She is very knowledgeable and connected in the world of audio production and audio equipment. She even accompanied me on shopping trips to make sure I bought the equipment that is most appropriate for my project. 

Erin helped me to conceptualize my live show and translate my pre-recorded electronic elements to a live setting. She not only made sure that I was comfortable with my gear and set-up, but she also helped me to feel self-sufficient and empowered. She is responsive, understanding and flexible. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who is looking to take their audio production and engineering skills to the next level." 

Julie Kathryn aka 'I Am Snow Angel' 

"Erin, to put it simply, is an expert of teaching based on a musicians needs. She said to me “What is your vision?” Within an hour, we set up the Violet Rose live sound system and what we needed to cover in our session. She connected me with experts to purchase my gear and a convenient space in NYC for us to work. In 4 hours, I learned signal routing, countless tricks in Ableton, and had my rig running exactly how we wanted. After Violet Rose spent copious amounts of time and money in the studio, we wanted to put on a live set that was self sufficient and did our music justice. Erin not only did that, but she opened up a world of possibilities and a network of musical experts she was worked with in the past. The Violet Rose project cannot thank her enough for her wisdom and professionalism throughout the whole process." 

- Vince Cuneo (Violet Rose) 

"Erin is a very intuitive artist with a diversified range of style! We’ve been co-writing/co-producing together over the past year and it’s been an awesome experience. Erin’s work ethic and level of communication is unbeatable. She takes the necessary time and dedication to each project without hesitation. She’s a perfectionist with a purpose! She pays attention to every comment, detail or remark and incorporates it into the final product. Literally, she doesn’t miss a beat!

Erin is a beautiful person inside and out. Working with her level of experience and talent is an honor. I recommend collaborating with Erin if you are an artist seeking growth and development. I can't thank MAMMA BARRA enough for all she has taught me!!"

Rita Boudreau (singer, songwriter, musician)

"I first met Erin Barra in the Songwriting 1 class I took as a beginning student at Berklee College of Music. Since then I tried to take every course she taught until I graduated. She taught me so much about music and how technology can go hand in hand with it, all while allowing me to be myself. I now feel confident considering myself to be a songwriter who also produces their own music, all thanks to her guidance. I've gotten to know Erin very well as her student, and consider her a valuable mentor and friend."

          "We are a group of music students and teachers from Norway that went to New York earlier this year, last week in march to be more specific, 2015.  We had a really great time, we love New York! 
          One of the things we did in N.Y. was getting a great songwriting session and lesson with Erin Barra as an instructor. This was great, she gave us a good insight in how she works with music, songwriting and music technology. Everybody loved it, and more importantly we learned a lot from her as well.
         Erin Barra focused on many aspects of songwriting; including chord progression, melody, lyrics and stated the clear importance of Rhythm and form in songwriting, not to forget unity and variation. She also demonstrated how she uses Ableton Live in song writing, getting quickly into grooves, harmonies, voicing, rhythm, melody and more, straight to the point in how to move in songwriting territory, applying music tech gear."

- Johan Modahl Leiva (Manger, Folkehøgskole music school, Norway)