Erin Barra / Undefined  UPC: 859712463845   SLRP $3.99

Track Listing: 

Dear John (3:24) 

Always Almost (4:22)

Broken Banks (3:45)

Still Alive (4:19)

Visions I See feat Kon Boogie (3:41)  

Erin Barra / Redefined UPC 859712686787 SLPR ????????

Track Listing

Dear John: Kaelin Ellis Remix

Dear John: Davil Remix

Dear John: The Golden UFO Remix

Always Almost: Dipfrik Remix 

Broken Banks: Unsportsmanlike Remix

Still Alive: Davil Remix

Still Alive: Adreas Remix

Still Alive: Dipfrik Remix

Visions I See: Decktonic Remix

Visions I See: Davil Remix

The original masters from Undefined, and respective remixes from Redefined, chosen from the collaborative music sharing and production platform, Blend are being released in tandem. 

Undefined is one of several projects Barra has incubated, assembled, and launched over the past year. 

  • She is the creator and instructor of Beats By Girlz, an educational recording arts and music technology program designed to activate creativity in young women that she is presenting at, and with, the Lower Eastside Girls Club. 
  • She remotely produces and co-writes songs with artists around the country and globally - from the living room of her Brooklyn apartment - and consults with bands that want to integrate digital technology into their live performances. 
  • She is a freelance product specialist for German music software company Ableton and recently hosted several events in the North East on Ableton’s PUSH tour as well as representing them at Sweetwater's GearFest 2014.  


Dear John” is honest, introspective and full of strength ... Barra’s sound has serious depth lyrically,
harmonically, melodically, rhythmically, sonically and conceptually with its deep rooted emotion and
meticulous production
— Vents Magazine
An ‘old soul’ musician with a very modern songwriting sensibility.
— John Oates (Hall & Oates)
A triple threat - a formidable songwriter, producer and multi-dimensional artist ... rises to challenges to
present not just a top notch sonic production, but a well crafted song with a clear point of view.
— Lee Dannay (President, GoodWorks Music)