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This young newcomer has everything needed for breakthrough success — a soulful sound, energetic stage presence, thoughtful lyrics and an intangible star quality.
— The Washington Post
There comes a time and a place where every artist moves from just being gifted to understanding exactly how to best use their multitude of blessings. For Salt Lake City, Utah born but now New York City-residing vocalist Erin Barra, this exact moment has arrived.
— Brooklyn Bodega
Erin Barra, a Salt Lake City native and Berklee graduate is at the forefront of the digital soul movement. From using the latest technologies to build her sound, Barra’s live performance is known for mixing samples, beats and her own original songwriting.
— Loop 21
Erin Barra is an artist completely in control and fully aware of the technological evolution she’s squarely nearing the forefront of. “I’m proud to be a part of the “blue eyed digital soul revolution” she states, and I can’t help but agree.
— The Couch Sessions
Before long, you feel as though she is just letting the music flow through her, and it flows through the audience, as well. Her songs are largely autobiographical, and she says, “I’d like people to take the songs, and use them to go through life with.” It’s the sharing of life that’s most important to Erin, who asserts “that’s what music is supposed to be about, right?”
— BUST Magazine
In the process, her music has bent decidedly away from the traditional singer-songwriter mold. “I was originally recording these very analog and very organic albums,” she says. “So I’m very thankful for so many of my fans following me to the brink of electronica.”
— Billboard.biz